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About me

ANZHELICA is a designer from Ukraine that creates a unique fashion style that can be worn on a daily basis that shows the beauty and flair of her individual designs.
She started designing and producing her own clothes at the age of 14. Her inspiration came from within and she understood exactly what she wanted her designs to be.
Her visions and ideas predicted fashion styles for the years ahead, all her imaginative ideas became popular trends in the years that followed.

Her ambition is to be a world renowned fashion designer. 
As a well travelled person she understands how fabrics and designs work well together from different countries. Her designs are unique as she doesn't want her clients to just follow trends but create them themselves.

She wants her pieces to be wearable, beautiful and stylish, separating herself from other designers in a way that are far apart from the fashion ‘norm’. Every creation holds a style that shows passion and mindful creativity

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